Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

We have a crisis in our state. We need to take bold steps towards improving our mental health and addiction treatment systems. Washington has the opportunity to become a national model through pioneering investments in prevention and early intervention for youth, providing treatment on demand, and investing in recovery support services. We know what works—so let’s do it!


The future of our state hinges on the legislature making game-changing investments in our education system. From early learning and K-12, to public universities and our community & technical colleges, a strong education system is central to lifting families out of poverty while sustainably growing our economy.

Affordable Housing

Everyone deserves access to a safe, healthy, and affordable home. Increasing access to affordable housing, preventing family homelessness, and providing supportive housing for our neighbors living with behavioral health conditions will be one of my main focuses as long as I am in office.

Gun Violence Prevention

In Washington, more people die from gun violence than motor vehicle accidents. Mass shootings, intimate partner violence, and suicides are devastating our communities. While Congress refuses to take action, our state legislature needs to move forward by adopting evidence-based solutions that have been proven to reduce gun violence. I will be a champion for lifesaving, common sense gun laws.

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